How Do Sinkholes Form?

by the rains of Tropical Storm
is seen in Guatemala City May 31, 2010.

Reporter Laura Ling..........

Bill Clinton's redemption is complete.
Nearly a year after the
former president
negotiated the release of two Current TV reporters
in North Korea, one of them, Laura Ling, has honored
Clinton by naming her new baby after him.........

Aruba disappearance suspect .......

Aruba disappearance
suspect held in Peru killing

He was the last person to see
two young women alive
— one in Aruba,
one in Peru exactly five years later,
police say
. Joran van der Sloot
was caught in a taxi Thursday,
several days drive
and a country away from
the Lima hotel room
where the
second woman was

found face down with a broken neck...........

امريكا الجديدة!!!

صور زوجات بعض الملوك والرؤساء

زوجة الرئيس معمر القذافى

زوجة العاهل المغربى

زوجة الرئيس الموريتانى

زوجة الرئيس السورى

زوجة الرئيس السودانى

زوجة الرئيس التونسى

زوجة الرئيس الجزائرى

زوجة الرئيس التركى

زوجة ملك البحرين

زوجة ابو متعب

زوجة ملك الأردن

زوجة أمير قطر

زوجة حاكم دبى
(على مسئولية من أرسلها الىّ